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The Jacumba Hot Springs & Resort is located in the center of Jacumba Hot Springs, CA approximately 200 yards from the Mexican border. It was built on Old Hwy 80, an old Spanish trail called Jornada de la Muerte (journey of death) and El Camino del Diablo (devil's highway).

Jacumba (Kumeyaay Indian word for, "hut by the water") was originally established as a mail station on the Yuma route by James McCoy in 1852. As local legend has it, McCoy once held off an Indian attack of 500 warriors from a fort he had built here.

The first known official reference to the town's establishment was in 1914 when it was called Jacumba Hot Springs. Although it has never been incorporated, for many decades the name was shortened to simply Jacumba. It has recently been officially restored back to its original full name by the United States government.

In the early 20th century, the health and relaxation benefits of the nearby natural hot springs began to be commercialized. The Jacumba mineral hot spring is prolific and delivered enough water to fill large public baths - the remains of which can be seen to this day. By the mid 1920's Jacumba had a world class hotel which would often house some of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. The Jacumba Motel was destroyed by an arson fire in 1983, but the stub of the massive central fireplace remains.

What is currently the Jacumba Hot Springs & Resort has seen many changes as well as many owners over the years. It was once the Jacumba Cafe (pictured right), later known as the Jacumba Hot Springs once the Jacuzzi, pools and hotel were built. The iconic roadside sign of that era is still in use today (pictured above).

The current owners, local business man David Landman and his wife Helen obtained the property in late 2011, completed an almost year and a half restoration project and re-opened the resort on June 28, 2013.

Since the completion of Interstate 8 in 1975 - which bypassed the town by 3 miles - Jacumba has slipped into economic decline. With the restoration and re-opening of the Jacumba Hot Springs Spa & Resort and the development of other properties, the Landmans hope to return this once thriving town to its former glory.

They invite you to, not only visit and enjoy the many amenities of the resort, but to enjoy a unique slice of American history as well. Not to mention the re-birth of a Southern California town.

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